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Common Phrases

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Mae govannen

Well met





Gîl síla na lû govaded

A star shines on the time of our meeting


Im gelir ceni ad lín

I am happy to see you again


Le suilon

I greet thee









Cuio vae!

Fare well!


Belain na le

The Valar be with you


Calo anor na ven

May the sun shine on your road


Garo arad vaer

Have a good day


Noro go hûl, bado go Eru

Run with the wind, go with God


Ná Elbereth veria le, ná elenath dín síla erin rád o chuil lín.

May Elbereth protect you, may her stars shine on the path of your life.


I Melain berio le

May the Valar keep you


No galu govad gen

May blessings go with you


No in elenath hîlar nan hâd gîn

May all stars shine upon your path



Nostach be Orch gaer

You smell like ten orcs


Garich i dhôl goll o Orch

You have the hollow head of an orc 


Lasto lalaith nîn

Hear/listen to my laughter


Rhachon le!

I curse you!


Dôl lost lîn

Your head is empty


Nai Ungoliant meditha le

May Ungoliant devour you


Labo vi Orodruin

Go jump in Mount Doom


Ti tállbe Orch

Go kiss an orc



Pedich Edhellen?

Do you speak Elvish?


Iston le?

Do I know you?


Heniach nin?

Do you understand me?


Man eneth lín?

What is your name?


O man dôr túliel le? 

From what land do you come? 


Man carel le?

What are you doing? 


Man anírach cerin an le? 

What can I do for you? 


Le no an-uir nîn?

Will you be mine forever?


Aníral toled na gar nîn?

Do you want to come to my house? 


Aníral maded?

Do you want to eat?


Aníral sogad?

Do you want to drink?


Sen tîr?

Is this true?


Man tolthant i 'waew?

How is the weather?


Man sad Imladris?

Where is Rivendell?


Man râd na Imladris?

Which way to Rivendell?


Man ceril? 

What do you do? 


Man lû nostor lîn?

When is your birthday? (lit. "What time is your birthday?")  


Le gwennen?

Are you married?


Man sâd telil?

Where are you from?


Man lû vin achenitham?

When will we see each other again?  


Man mathach? 

How do you feel? 


Manen orchal le?

How tall are you?










Le melon

I love you



Yes [lit. "well"]



No [denying intentions]



No [denying facts]


Aur Onnad Meren!

Happy Birthday!


Garo arad-o-onnad 'elir!

Have a happy birthday!


--- eneth nîn

My name is [your name here]



--- I'm [your name here]


Estannen ---

I'm called [your name here]


Nin estar ---

They call me [your name here]


Tiro na i ninniach vanui

Look at the beautiful rainbow


I Anor hílol

The sun is shining


Hû nîn mant han

My dog ate it


Aníron gwanna

I wish I could leave


Ae anírach

If you wish





Im ruthui!

I am angry!


Gelir na thaed 

Happy to help


Edro gûr lín

Open your heart


Melin ceni hin lîn síla i 'eladhach

I love to see your eyes shine when you laugh


Im gelir an le

I am happy for you


Hebin anim

I keep it for myself



My pleasure


Im harnannen!

I'm wounded!


Gurth 'ni yrch!

Death to the orcs!


Telin o Imladris 

I come from Rivendell


Nostor nî ned

--- My birthday is on ---


Gwedhithon na

--- I'm engaged to ---


Im gwennen na

--- I'm married to ---


Im maer

I'm well.


Aníron gladhad

I want to laugh


Im gruitheb na

--- I'm angry at --- (lit. "I feel angry toward ---")


Im lhaew

I'm ill


No ce ammaer ab lû thent

May you be better soon


Im gosta

I'm afraid


Hain ú-'rogon

I do not fear them


Linnon am meleth vîn

I sing because I love you (lit. "I sing for our love")


Sa farn palan

This is far enough


Pelin pedi i lam edhellen

I can speak the Elvish language


Isusarad 'elir

Merry Christmas


Idhrin-eden 'elir

Happy New Year


Goheno nin

Forgive me


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